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                Read MoreFaculty
                • Shi Hongcan

                  Biography Family Name: Shi Given name: HongcanGender: Male Date of Birth: Aug 28, 1966 Title: Professor Citizenship: ChineseTele...

                • Zheng Ying

                  Biography Family Name: Zheng Given name: YingGender: Female Date of Birth: Oct. 9, 1970 Title: Professor Citizenship: ChineseTel...

                • Yu Duonan

                  Biography-Duonan Yu Dr. Yu obtained his Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and finished his...

                • Liang Jingyan

                  Jingyan Liang, M.D., Ph.D.Institute of Basic Medicinem,Medical college, Yangzhou UniversityTel Fax: +86-(514) 87978866Email: (o...

                • Qian Li

                  Department of ImmunologyYangzhou University School of MedicineYangzhou, ChinaEmail: qianl@yzu.edu.cnEDUCATION INSTITUTION AND LO...

                • Shen Weigan

                  Shen Weigan, Ph.D. Professor, Doctoral and Master Tutor. He obtained his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Nanjing Normal University in...

                • Li Xiang ming

                  李湘鸣(Li Xiang ming), Professor, Ph.D, Male, Born in Oct. 1957. Work at the Preventive Department of YANGZHOU Medical College, YAN...

                • Gao lizeng

                  Prof.Lizeng Gao (高利增) is a Professor in School of Medicine at Yangzhou University. He joined Yangzhou University in 2015. He rec...

                • Li, Guocai

                  Name: Li Given Name: GuocaiGender: Male Date of Birth: Sep. 1, 1970Title: Professor E-mail: gcli@yzu.edu.cn gcli1970@hotmail.co...

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